Our Staff

The Current Cast of Characters



Marit has a Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling with a specialty in working with clients who are deaf. She worked in the field for nearly 30 years.

She is now "retired" and is working full time as the farm manager at Las Flores del Altiplano. 

She is a card carrying member of the farm's Union of Manure Movers.



Patrick has a Master's Degree in Management from the Wharton School of Business. He still takes on selected projects, mainly working with Native American individuals and tribes, to develop economic opportunities.

He is a member of the Union of Manure Movers on the farm, halter trainer of crias, is our show ring handler and is the best alpaca midwife on the West Coast, maybe in the whole US of A!

A glider pilot for many years, Patrick is currently working on his fixed wing license. He would eventually like to own a plane and shuttle rescue animals.  Seems like the best of two worlds!



Uriel is named after the Archangel, Uriel, "the one that stands guard at the gates of Eden with a fiery sword." 

Born in 2005, we flew to Boston to pick her up from a breeder there.  She is AKC registered.

With the loss of Michael, our first Anatolian, she has become our senior Anatolian guardian dog.  She has grown into a good sized female, weighing in at about 140#.

Uriel has proven herself to be a vigilant, yet gentle girl.  She always shows the alpacas great respect.  And for that reason she is completely trusted with the moms and crias.



Named for the Archangel, Raphael, patron saint of travelers.  His deep voice and vigilance, encourages predators to "travel on"

"Raffie" is the nephew of our original guardian, Michael.  Born in January 2010, we drove to California to pick Raffie up from Lost Armadillo Anatolians, a breeder in California when he was 12 weeks old.  He is from a long line of working guardian dogs and is AKC registered. 

He weighs 130#, is lithe and sinewy.

"Raffie" is still very energetic and lives in the males' pasture.    

Updated December 20, 2018